Revgear Competition League Rules & Regulations

General Info:

1) Weigh-ins are without the Gi. Adult competitors must be able to show ID. Competitors will be Given a 1 pound weight allowance.

2) No sandbagging; wrestlers, judoka, and grapplers will be expected to count time in their sport toward total experience level when choosing a division to compete in.

3) Cleanliness: Competitors must have trimmed nails, clean uniform, no offensive odors, no bare feet off of the mat. Long hair must be kept pulled back. No oils or creams allowed. No communicable diseases such as ringworm or staph infection.

4) *Specific grappling rules*: NO slamming (offensively or to get out of a submission), no leg reaping outside of advanced & absolute nogi divisions, no small joint or spine/neck manipulation, no back suplex, no striking, no biting, no spitting, no smashing the face, eyes, or nose, no groin strikes, compression locks only allowed in Brown/Black belt Gi divisions &,advanced nogi divisions. No wrist or leg locks in Kids/Teens (permitted in some adult divisions). No suffocation (covering mouth or face w/ hands). No backing out of the guard, butt scooting, or fleeing the mat area (SEE #9).

5) Arguing w/ refs or table workers will not be tolerated. Referee decisions are final.

6) Competitor will be disqualified once they fail to show up for their match after 3 calls.

7) Injury/blood timeout: 2 minutes will be allowed for a competitor to resolve bleeding/ injury before forfeit during a match. If an opponent screams in pain or waves for a match to be stopped, it will be interpreted
by the referee as a verbal tap out.

8) 3-second Rule: Scoring athlete must maintain control of point-scoring position for 3 seconds before points will be scored. Referee will count three seconds with hand gesture once an opponent achieves a potential scoring position.

9) Penalties/Warnings/Fouls: 1st) verbal from referee, 2nd) 2 points deducted, 3rd) disqualified

Penalties can be assessed for running from your opponent, illegal holds, stalling, unsportsmanlike behavior (immediate disqualification for deliberate/flagrant penalties, see #4 for examples). Needing to stop the match for vomit or cramping result in immediate disqualification.

10) Tournament reserves the right to combine divisions to accommodate competitors if divisions have 1 or fewer entries. Cash prizes will only be awarded in contested divisions.

11) Matches ending in a draw on points and advantages will be determined by the referee based on which competitor had the closest sub attempts, dominated positions, or who was more aggressive.
Competitors should try to avoid leaving it in the hands of the referee. Advantages are only for near submission attempts in both Gi & nogi.

12) Gi competitors: 4 finger rule is in effect for Gi sleeves. Gi’s must not be torn or frayed. No jock straps or wrestling shoes. No t-shirt or rash guard under the Gi for men (allowed for women).

13) Nogi competitors must wear rash guard or fitted t-shirt, shorts or Gi pants. No jock straps. If competitors elect to wear Gi pants in nogi competition, opponent may grab pants. Nogi competitors may NOT
grab shorts or any other part of nogi uniform.

14) LEG LOCK RULES: No leg locks in Kid/ teen divisions. Straight ankle locks are permitted in all adult & master/senior divisions. Kneebars, compression locks, & toeholds are only permitted in brown belt &
higher (Gi) & Intermediate & higher (nogi.) No heel hooks in any Gi division, heel hooks are only allowed in advanced nogi divisions.

15) Referee will use discretion in scoring to avoid piling up points that have already been scored. Example: A competitor mounts, dismounts to side control, then remounts again several times to rack up points.
Competitors looking to continue scoring should follow positional progression of dominant body positions leading to the submission hold.

Match Length

Kids 5-6 years old 3 minutes
Kids 7-12 years old 4 minutes
Teens/Juvenile 5 minutes
Master/Senior-5 minutes
Adult-6 minutes

Point System
Takedown (must happen in mat area): 2 points
Sweep or inversion* 2 points
Knee on belly (outside foot must be posted): 2 points
Guard pass: 3 points
Mount/Back mount (both hooks or belly down): 4 points
ADVANTAGES for submission near finishes – submission attempts that are clearly techniques that come close to finishing a match. Examples: fully extended armbar, rear naked choke under an opponent’s chin.

In the result of a tie on points, the competitor with the most advantages will be awarded the contest.

*Example of inversion would be an arm drag from seated guard to opponent’s turtle guard/back w/ no hooks; competitor who performed armdrag has transitioned from bottom to top. NO POINTS WILL BE SCORED FOR REVERSAL FROM BAD POSITION. Example: Arm trap and roll to reverse to top when mounted.

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